freddie highmore makes a fantastic norman bates just based on appearance alone. he’s not anthony perkins cute but he’s good.

idk if i’m completely sold on his performance or the show itself yet. it’s not bad, i just don’t think i’m super invested in it.

i dont think bates motel’s score is exceptional in any way but i’m glad some of the tracks to the more tense scenes are reminiscent of bernard hermann’s original score

also, i wish deputy shelby wasnt a creep because i want norma to have someone normal to bang

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why do you hate it? Tell me so I can start hating it too! :-D

the first season was pretty rapey iirc. i cant recall specific moments because i watched it when it aired and that’s too long ago for me, but i know i didn’t like it then. but HA i do remember when everyone wanted to bang tate even tho he was a gross rapist ghost guy who murdered a bunch of kids in a school shooting. so. 

'asylum' is about a lesbian who is wrongly institutionalized and then kidnapped and raped (by the same man who murdered her girlfriend in addition to other women), and when her attempt at a self-induced abortion doesn't work out for her, she has to give birth to a child she does not want. AND THEN she has to hold and feed that child despite explicitly saying she doesn't want to. 

that moment last season where sister jude is talking to whoever and says that “i’ll always win against the patriarchal male” makes me cringe every single time i see it because it’s such bullshit, and i know i’ve said that a few times now but it makes me so, so mad to see people reblogging it and being like “hell yeah awesome feminism yeah!!!!” sister jude is a pawn for the patriarchy until she is stripped of her power, where she’s then left to wallow in her own misery/self-pity until she is this committed to the very place where she abused her power (and people!) and then finally she is saved. by a dude. but she’s never quite the same, duh.

i did kind of love sister mary eunice while she was possessed by the devil tho. 

i like ahs’ shtick; its entire premise is uprooted and reworked with the same actors season by season. i think that’s pretty cool. if you google for ‘ahs feminism’ you will find some folks who think it is a feminist friendly show but i disagree. it’s about “strong” women being victimized and overcoming it. i don’t really think there’s anything terribly wrong with that sort of story, but i don’t think it’s a fresh or original idea. 

i mean, i’m a big fat horror fan and i know that the genre does not always treat its women well. however, despite that, i think horror is a woman’s genre in that it’s.. hm. this is hard to articulate. i think it’s a genre that offers more roles for women, roles where women are able to fight back and succeed. and i guess in a way ahs is doing what i like about horror on a different scale, but to me, somehow, it’s doing it wrong. maybe it’s because it victimizes its female characters under the guise of empowerment? women are constantly abused on the show, and i think it’s often very condescending and often makes a mockery of it more than anything.

in short AHS is ableist as fuck and anti-women and tbf i’d expect nothing less from the creators of glee

On taste: ‘One of the first calls I made to my agent was how do I get in contact with Jose Andres because I want the food world of Hannibal Lecter to be very specific and distinct and respectful to someone as a chef.” […] “One of my first questions [was], “What can you eat on the human body?” And he said, “Everything. You can eat everything. You can grind the bones into gelatin to use in Jell-O molds.”’ [x]

On Lecter: “[Hannibal] also recognized when people were not respectful of their rules or place in society and were rude, and felt that they deserved to have those places revoked. So if you’re a pig of human being, you deserve to be Hannibal Lecter’s bacon.” [x]

“[The show begins] before he was incarcerated, so [Lecter is] more of a peacock. There is a cheery disposition to our Hannibal. He’s not being telegraphed as a villain. If the audience didn’t know who he was, they wouldn’t see him coming. What we have is Alfred Hitchcock’s principle of suspense — show the audience the bomb under the table and let them sweat when it’s going to go boom. So the audience knows who Hannibal is so we don’t have to overplay his villainy.” [x]

On the Kubrick homages: “Every show I’ve done I wanted to build a bathroom that looked like that space [the bathroom from The Shining]. What’s so remarkable about it is it’s a purely psychological space. … It’s like they dipped the entire set in blood. … I understood watching it as a 10-year-old that this was psychological storytelling.” […] “[Director] David Slade and I had long conversations about the Kubrick-ian feel of this show. We are telling the story of a man who makes his living with his imagination who slowly loses his mind over the course of the season.” [x]

On the timeline: “Well, we were looking at our timeline and saying, “Season 4 is Red Dragon”, so where Will is psychologically in terms of his confidence and approach to solving these crimes? We would see Molly in Season 3, and that’s when we would introduce that character.” […] “it’s absolutely 13 episodes a season. For me, Red Dragon is Season 4, and splitting the time over Season 5 and Season 6 would be the era of Silence of the Lambs” [x]

On Will’s ‘empathy mode’: “We call them the “flim-flum,” which is just the sound of the pendulum, but it’s a pendulum that — there’s a line in Red Dragon when Will Graham goes to look at the crime scene. Thomas Harris has a line about how “In his mind a pendulum swings through the darkness.[x]

On Lecter and Will’s relationship: “It really is a love story, for lack of a better description, between these two characters. As Hannibal has said [to Graham] in a couple of the movies, ‘You’re a lot more like me than you realize.’ We’ll get to the bottom of exactly what that means over the course of the first two seasons. But we’re taking our sweet precious time.” [x]

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Today is the anniversary of Special Agent Dale Cooper’s arrival in Twin Peaks.


Today is the anniversary of Special Agent Dale Cooper’s arrival in Twin Peaks.


Today is the anniversary of Special Agent Dale Cooper’s arrival in Twin Peaks.

"The thing that sucks about Girls and Seinfeld and Sex and the City and every other TV show like them isn’t that they don’t include strong characters focusing on the problems facing blacks and Latinos in America today. The thing that sucks about those shows is that millions of black people look at them and can relate on so many levels to Hannah Horvath and Charlotte York and George Costanza, and yet those characters never look like us. The guys begging for money look like us. The mad black chicks telling white ladies to stay away from their families look like us. Always a gangster, never a rich kid whose parents are both college professors. After a while, the disparity between our affinity for these shows and their lack of affinity towards us puts reality into stark relief: When we look at Lena Dunham and Jerry Seinfeld, we see people with whom we have a lot in common. When they look at us, they see strangers."

Hipster Racism Runoff And The Search for The Black Costanza by Cord Jefferson @ Gawker

I was trying to find this quote recently. I don’t think most white people understand how it feels to be thought of as only as a dehumanized stereotype or a token. Never as someone like you who can be relatable and have things in common with you. It’s always a surprise to people online and offline when people find out that I like things that they do, too ; that I’m not just some angry activism-obsessed woman. When people like Lena Dunham  say they don’t know how to write Black people, it’s pretty much saying that she doesn’t think that Black people are also fully complex human beings like her. Sure, there are cultural considerations to be made, but it’s ignoring the fact that people of color are diverse and not a monolith, so it’s not like the only girls who are like her are white.

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i see so many more dude butts on uk television i see so many more dude butts on uk television i see so many more dude butts on uk television

i see so many more dude butts on uk television

Are you wearing identical pajamas?

this guy just said the little girl had a “a little too much in the hair division”


  1. Camera: Nikon D90
  2. Aperture: f/2.5
  3. Exposure: 1/500th
  4. Focal Length: 50mm




I really like that one fight on Jersey Shore like season 1 when Sammy is crying and taking her hair extensions out while Ronnie is naked in a towel

YES, PERFECT. there’s something so ridiculously interesting to me about how the very specific brand of gender performance on jersey shore interacts with their loose cannon lifestyle. like, they always have one eye on the ball with how they look, they’re always paying attention to their role as woman/man (as they so strictly define sexual difference), even when they’re skull-dragging someone to the floor or have mascara tears all the fuck over their face. all action is mediated through like ten steps of protecting the facade, even if that means very quickly dismantling and reformatting it. “i’m putting vaseline on my face, i’m taking my earrings out, I’m putting my hair up, and i’m beating the crap out of her.”

my fav scenes are always the ones where you see a grainy cctv montage of them getting ready for a night out from the pov of the mirror, i could honestly watch just that for the full hour. but then yeah, something about the slow drunken/hungover disrobing too, peeling away the artifice. like, everyone in the world can see you as you are now so who are you dressing up for? it’s somehow more about the ritual and about upholding a level of pristine artifice for a certain length of time than about “fooling” anyone that that’s what you “really” look like?

the show is just so interesting to think about as a cultural artefact. it’s also just really fun and stylised and over-produced and inauthentic and i luv it and idgaf.

i build them up piece by piece and when i’m finished i take them down again, piece by piece.

ugh shut up what an annoying vampire

this looks like the same thing evil willow wore y/n

oh my god, is that a demon baby?